Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Apparantly I've been pretty funny today! Here are just a couple of examples:

Tonight is family night. Mom and I had been talking all week about making mini pizzas and watching "Cars" together. But, when Mom went to get the movie at the library, it wasn't there. Before she went to Blockbuster, she wanted to make sure that was still what I wanted to do, so she said,

"Livi, I have a question. Would you rather go to a special park tonight and play or stay at home and watch the cars movie."

"I would rather go to the special park and THEN watch the cars movie. I want to do both."

Mom and Dad laughed a lot and said I already knew how to negotiate, whatever that means.

Later, we were all playing with Play-Doh, my new favorite thing in the world. My baby sister was kicking a lot so Mom asked if I wanted to feel her moving. I was really pretty busy with my Play-Doh but I said okay. I stuck my hand on her tummy for about one second and said,

"Oh. She feels pretty good."

Here's one from one of my friends Chelsea, who watches me while I'm in the nursery:
"Livi, do you have a stanky diaper?"
"No I don't."
"Livi, are you sure?"
"No!! I'm not livi, I'm Snow White."

Last night as Mom was helping me out of the carseat, I told her "You're always sweet." Then later in the evening, for good measure I said, "You're always cute." I think Mom needs to hear nice things like that when she's feeling big and pregnant.

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