Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas Tour of Homes with The Nester

Christmas Tour of our (Healthy) Home

Hallelujah, I think we are all (cough, cough) almost healthy! We hosted a Christmas/appreciation/hey, it's finals week dinner tonight for our college crowd so I thought I'd snap some pictures while the house was looking, well, as good as it gets! I'm in Christmas decorating transition...ready to inject my style into our holiday decor but not willing to dole out the cash to start all over. SO, I've been shopping the house (and countless garage sales/flea markets, of course!) and put together a couple of things that worked for me. I'm getting there!


This may LOOK like a jumbled pile of ornaments hanging from a tiny, unimpressive tree and, well, it is! But it's much more than's our Jesse tree. This has become a huge part of our Christmas/Advent tradition. Our family reads a story from the bible each night of a person in the lineage of Jesus and we hang an ornament that corresponds.

I saved the best for last... from my favorite four-year-old artist.

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Sick Day

I think children everywhere must pray for their moms to be stricken with a cold...not something that makes her REALLY sick, but just bad enough warrarnt watching movies and eating snacks all day. Here's a notable moment from our quiet day at home...

Mom: "Annalie, you are stinky! Let's go change your diaper."
Annalie: "No!"
Mom: "Yes, Annalie. You're poopy."
Annalie: "No poopy! Sissy poopy!"

Olivia, I should note, was NOT happy about being the scapegoat for her sister's dirty pants. It sure made me laugh though!