Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Olivia Has Something to Say

I have been taking pictures of the funny little messages Olivia has left us all over the house. This one surfaced about this time last year, when her sister chose to watch Olivia the Pig for her afternoon movie, despite her best efforts to persuade her in the direction of Strawberry Shortcake, or maybe Dora.
 "Wi Dao I Hf to Woch Pag" translated: "Why do I have to watch pig?"

Or one of my personal favorites, where she compares her Dad to everyone's favorite trash bin-dwelling muppet.
 Come on, take a stab at it! 

Oh fine, I'll help:
"Dad, you are like Oscar the Grouch. Weird, loud, unbelievable, but not stinky."

True or not, these are good for a mama's ego:

"You ar teh bast mom"
"I love you mome"
"You are vare nis mome"
"I love to smil at you."

"You love me dot you?" 

One evening when several college students were going to be joining us for dinner, I was making a fruit salad and said in passing that all the pears were gone. Livi wandered out of the room and eventually came back to help me finish dinner. When the students arrived, I heard them giggling as they came through the door. I looked to see what they were laughing about and saw this, stuck to the glass on the front door.

Hey, you can't say you weren't warned.

There are more where these came from. Stay tuned!