Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Princess for a Day
Whew...what a big day! I was a princess for Hall
oween and it was LOTS of fun (as you can tell by my grin)

Mom was a princess too...and even my baby sister got in on the act! This afternoon, Mom and I made cookies and we took some to my very favorite neighbors when we went trick or treating. Here I am at their house. And this is me with my babysitter, Natalie (Nat). My friend Clara and her baby brother Noah and I all went together to trick or treat. We had a lot of fun (even if I got a little scared by a pirate right off the bat and Dad had to carry me the rest of the evening). Clara was a ladybug. Isn't she cute? Our neighbors had 60 JACK-O-LANTERNS in their yard!!! Can you believe that?! At the end of the night, we headed home to pass out candy. It sure went fast! Lots of love to you all from the princess!

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