Thursday, October 11, 2007

Mom was proud of me...

I had kind of a cold or something today so I didn't get to go to the nursery tonight like I usually do on Thursdays while Mom and Dad are at Challenge. So, Mom and I took dinner to campus and ate with Dad and then left to run some errands. Yesterday we made caramel corn for the nursery workers so we dropped that off and then Mom said,

"Livi, do you want to go look at shoes or just go home?" I replied emphatically,

"I DO want to go look at shoes, Mommy! I very much want to." (Mom says she has passed on her shopping gene to me) Since we had a few free minutes, we drove to Payless. When we walked in the door, the nice lady asked Mom if she wanted her to measure my feet. I wasn't at all excited about that but she tricked me with Dora and Princess stickers. Mom was shocked to find out my feet measured at almost a 9.5! I guess I take after Mom that way too :) Anyway, Mom needed to look at her size so we went there first and then headed to look at my size. I immediately spotted beautiful pink sparkly glitter shoes with PRINCESSES. I grabbed them and started shouting, "THESE, Mommy. I really want these shoes. Please, Mommy. I want these."

Mom looked at them for a minute and then, bracing for a huge reaction, said "Livi, we came to look for tennis shoes. We really don't need this kind of shoes." I think she was holding her breath but I really don't know why. I just said, "Okay, Mommy," and walked off to look at something else.

When we got to the car, Mom said, "Livi, can I tell you something?" She said she was very proud of me for not throwing a fit and accepting that we couldn't get the princess shoes. I didn't think it was that big of a deal but Mom sure did. We had to stop for gas and Mom let me pick out gummy worms. I think I will always not throw fits!

(the pink sparkly Princess shoes are on my Christmas list now - I just don't know it :)

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