Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Some of these go way back, but I need to get them documented...

(while playing with a hair clip in the bathroom...maybe we've been reading too much Old Testament lately :) "...and then God became angry at the clip."

"My shadow looks like I'm eight."

"Got it, girl?" (after giving me lengthy instructions to a game she had just invented.)

Me: "Liv, what are you thinking about?"
Livi: "Uh...whales."

"It smells like poop in here!"

"...heaven cries holy, holy, holy" (singing)

(digging through her box of barrettes and bows) "I want some princess action."

"There's something familiar on my nose."

"Don't cry, Dora! Jesus is here!"

(while "reading" a magazine) "Once upon a time, Jesus and Sponge Bob..."

(Liv, looking at her baby doll) "Your head is plastic!" (then turns to look at Annalie), "You're made out of skin!"

(climbing up on Jason's lap) "Daddy, you're so handsome!"
Jason (chuckling) "Thanks! Where did that come from?"
Liv: "From my heart."

"Here you go. (handing us Play-Doh canisters full of "ice cream") Enjoy your life."

"Are you going to put that on your facebook?" (after she said something funny)

"No, mommy! You can't sing OR shake your bottom!"

"Do princesses wear bandaids?"

"I get the funkies out of my nose and put them in the street!"

"Mom, when Annalie grows into a person, she can eat M&Ms?"

"My brain is too small."

"Mom, I melted down." (after I lectured her for screaming and crying while I was on the phone)

"Naked! That boy's running naked!" (when a jogger without a shirt ran by our house)

"I've got a kitchen. I've got a teaset. I make octopus stew."

Bye, Mom. (pause) High five!


Fox Family said...

She sounds like a hoot!!! This is probably my favorite part of your blog---the "livisms"!!!!

Resa said...

Lisa! I just discovered your blog and am laughing so hard there are tears...kid-isms are totally my fav...we keep a notepad full on the fridge too!