Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Bravest Ballerina

This day started with Olivia insisting that I call her "Ballerina Gennebee." At 10:00, B.G. had her very first dentist appointment. She had been pretty unsure about the idea for several days leading up, so I told her that if she was very brave, we would go get a treat at Amanda's (our favorite restaurant, which happens to be next door) after her appointment.

She was feeling pretty feisty this morning and marched right in, climbed up in the chair and was actually giving the dental assistant a little "what for."

"What is that for? What are you going to do next?" Why do I have to wear this?" etc., etc.

The idea was that we would do a "happy visit" today to get her used to the office and equipment and if she was doing okay, they'd go ahead and clean her teeth. She was totally calm so they not only cleaned, but did x-rays. She was such a brave little trooper all the way through. I watched closely as they put the little water squirter and the "slurpy straw" in her mouth. Her little lip quivered but she never flinched or cried at all. So many new sights and sounds! By the end of the cleaning, she'd had enough though, and said "I don't want to do this anymore!" and big tears rolled down her cheeks. We opted for a cup of water and a quick rinse at that point instead of any more hoses and air :) She did tell the dentist she was going to be a dancer when she grew up, and when he asked her what she like to dance to, she replied "Music."

Stinkin' Mom forgot her camera so you'll just have to imagine it.

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