Saturday, July 26, 2008

Veggie Tastin'
Over the last couple of weeks we've been introducing new foods to little Annalie. She is an old pro at rice and oatmeal cereal by now so it was time to move on to veggies. The first...carrots. She wasn't sure at first but as you can see, she
warmed up to the idea. (Sis even got in on the feeding action).

Annalie gave a little "mmm" of approval for the camera.

And then there was squash. It was so entertaining, I kept giving her bites just so I could record the reaction. Hope these make you all laugh!


Austin said...

LOVE IT!!!!! You girls are the cutest! You should dresser her up as a squash for Halloween...j/k. But whatever you do don't make her a pumpkin every baby I new last year was a pumpkin.NOOOOO.


Correnta said...

She's a trooper - I don't think she liked the squash much, but she kept eating it. Her faces were so funny!