Thursday, June 12, 2008

That Funny Hobbit
This story has to come from Mommy's perspective - it will be much easier to tell! Livi and I were going through her bedtime routine this evening—read a book, read a bible story, pray, sing a song. Her bible stor
y was Cain and Abel. Each of the stories has a series of questions at the end. The prayer at the end of the story said something like, "God, help me to do things that make you happy." On cue, Liv said,

"Like pick up my toys..."
"Right!" I said "And what else? Does it make God happy when you are kind to your friends."
"Yes," says Liv. "But sometimes people come over to my house and knock me down and hit me!"
"What?!" I exclaimed, ready to call a mother on the phone and have a word. "Who does that?"
"I don't know."
"Olivia, has that happened before?" I demanded.
(long pause)

"Not yet."

This evening found the three of us girls scampering to the basement when the tornado sirens sounded. There was horrible weather all around us but thankfully no tornadoes touched down in Emporia. I had packed up a basket a week or so ago when terrible storms were predicted. We grabbed it on our way down and Livi was thrilled to pass out the snacks I had packed along with blankets and the radio. After a half hour or so crouched on the dirty floo
r in a dark room shushing Liv so I could hear the radio, I determined we were out of harms way. As we climbed back up the stairs, Livi said

"That was fun down in that little room!"

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