Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Hi there! It's Livi. Since I'm getting really good at lots of things like talking (nonstop) and counting and playing with babies, I decided it was time for a new activity: blogging! I want to keep everyone (especially Aunt Kellie and Uncle Matt) up to date on what is happening with me. Before long I'll be reporting on the new baby too!

As you can see, I
really like to do "crafts". I'm VERY careful with glue, to Mom's amazement. Today Mom and I made pictures with buttons and paper scraps. What fun! When I'm ready for more glue, I say "another squeeze!"

Last weekend was a lot of fun. Grandpa, Nana, Aunt Kimberly and Uncle "Kev" came to visit! We played with puzzles and went on an adventure. Grandpa and Daddy had been reading in the paper about the 8 Wonders of Kansas. When they realized two of them were within 30 minutes of Emporia, our day was planned. We drove to Cottonwood Falls to see the Chase County Courthouse and ate at a yummy place called the Emma Chase Cafe. Then we drove to the Spring Hill Ranch and to see the Tall Grass Prairie. I had lots of fun running around pretending to be "Farmer Livi." I don't think Aunt Kimberly had as much fun as I did! Matt and Kellie, we took a special picture for you.

Daddy's birthday was last week and Mom and I got him a bike trailer. I'm having lots of fun in that thing! Last night we all rode out to a pond and threw rocks in. I could have done that all night!

Well, it's time for lunch so I'll sign off for now. I'll leave you with a few of my famous recent sayings:

(to my doll) "Come on baby. Work with me!"
(on our walk) "It sure is a nice day today!"
"What's that noise?" (when I hear ANYTHING)
"Come on, amigos."
"I have a secret. Bike trailer." (when spilling the beans about Daddy's birthday present)

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Wells said...

I love it! We can't wait to see her and you other Huebs! This will be fun. Talk to you soon.